Metatron hunter health analzyer allow to evaluate influence

Author:Lyy2015  UpdateTime:2020-04-16

 In recent years, we note appearance of panresistant superbacteria, which are resistant to absolutely all used antibiotics. This situation not only complicates a fight with typical infectious illnesses, but compromises application of many vitally important medical procedures, organs transplantations, prostheses implantation, advances surgery and chemotherapy for cancer patients.

New SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is one of pandemics that mark the beginning of the period, which Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization, had spoken about. All programs: vital, social, Universal – are now reset. We need to accept it and form new programs for our future existence.

This assumes new approach to our health, which, first of all, depends not on a therapist, but will be determined by integrity and harmony of our life at all levels – in creativity, work, family, society, at home and also in relation to ecoplanet. At the same time a constant process of organism self-restoration will be engaged in ourselves, it will support harmony of energy processes and regenerate damaged organs.

'' Metatron hunter health analzyer '' system allows to evaluate influence of our emotions, spiritual imbalance, food and environmental conditions on a functional state. Various biological stresses are taken into account, which are usually missed by clinicians. NLS systems not only identify these factors as one of illness’ components in a specific patient, but offer means for their elimination.

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