Non-invasive Scanning-Bioplasm

Author:Nancy  UpdateTime:2018-12-15

Diagnostic value of NLS-graphy in respect to knee joint pathology is extremely high for non-invasive method. It is proven that at acute trauma of knee joint NLS-graphy reliably decrease time needed for diagnosing, improves quality of life within the first 6 weeks after a trauma, decreases total expenses. Also we noted relatively high reliability of damaged meniscus study; at the same time someone in doubtful case recommend to trust more bioplasm scanning, than CT and MRI. Initial signs of degenerative changes of arthrodial cartilage in form of superficial separation of fibers are visualized rather good, because to do so a very high resolution. Evaluation of anterior cruciate ligament condition, can be successfully fulfilled using systems with 3D-visualization feature.

We tried to improve diagnostic possibilities of knee joint-scanning by wide application of three-dimensional modes of morphological structures visualization. Such as using the NLS health analyzer.

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