• 2020-8-3
    About Singularity biophilia tracker

    Singularity biophilia tracker Non-linear diagnostic method is still being developed. Methods are improved very fast, so the versions of the system are renewed every six months. By means of using of ne

  • 2020-5-21
    New Arrival!!! 2020 model biophilia Intruder health analyzer

    Each organ, tissue, and cell in our body has a distinct frequency which is made possible by the rotation of atoms in the cells. When instructions are sent to the body from the brain they use the spina

  • 2020-5-9
    biophilia tracker NLS analysis

    Unlike Folles electro-puncture diagnostic method in which the energy potentials of organs and systems are measured through biologically active points (BAP) which show the organ condition indirectly (o

  • 2020-4-6
    NLS Tech- biophilia tracker bioresonance

    We are faced on a daily basis with an increasing amount of environmental stressors and pathogens, some of which have become resistant to antibiotics. Parasites are one example they have been known to

  • 2019-9-26
    Why choose biophilia tracker for disgnosis

    The principles by realizing of which the system operates as a diagnostic one are described below. Each sort of cells has its own energy of destruction typical for certain intercellular molecular link.

  • 2019-9-7
    New!! First NLS biophilia Guardian for Dogs

    Good biofeedback systems, like biophilia Guradian, can trace the changes in pathology and infections by observing the characteristics of these wavelengths and the changes in the tissues and cells of t

  • 2018-7-27
    The Speciality Of biophilia NLS Health analyzer

    The biophilia NLS Health analyzer has more speciality for people: (1) Green examination on the body without any harm. (2) Not only can see the health status of the internal organs, and also easy to Kn

  • 2018-6-27
    The microelements of biophilia NLS analyzer

    Using biophilia NLS -systems one may find out that microscopic amount of some chemical elements, such as gold for example, is also important for preserving of good health condition. Many others microe

  • 2018-6-16
    Advantages and chances for the biophilia NLS health test

    The NLS-method is simple, fast and in comparison to other methods very comfortable for the test subject. The agreement to other methods (ultra sound, CT, NMR) is higher than 90%. ThebiophiliaNLSdevice

  • 2018-6-11
    The working principle of biophilia NLS

    The biophilia NLS employs a treatment method designed to strengthen the body and enhance the bodys natural recovery to health. Making use of this device affords the practitioner and client an opportun

  • 2018-5-31
    Who can use the biophilia?

    Who can use the biophilia ? 1. Family doctors 2. Clinics and medical organization 3. Education facilities schools 4. Sanatoriums 5. Sports, recreation facilities 6. Spa and cosmetic centers 7

  • 2018-5-12
    The New NLS analyzer--biophilia tracker X3 (4D Trosion scanning)