• 2020-8-3
    About Singularity Biophilia tracker

    Singularity Biophilia tracker Non-linear diagnostic method is still being developed. Methods are improved very fast, so the versions of the system are renewed every six months. By means of using of ne

  • 2020-5-9
    Biophilia tracker NLS analysis

    Unlike Folles electro-puncture diagnostic method in which the energy potentials of organs and systems are measured through biologically active points (BAP) which show the organ condition indirectly (o

  • 2020-4-6
    NLS Tech- Biophilia tracker bioresonance

    We are faced on a daily basis with an increasing amount of environmental stressors and pathogens, some of which have become resistant to antibiotics. Parasites are one example they have been known to

  • 2019-9-26
    Why choose Biophilia tracker for disgnosis

    The principles by realizing of which the system operates as a diagnostic one are described below. Each sort of cells has its own energy of destruction typical for certain intercellular molecular link.

  • 2018-5-12
    The New NLS analyzer--Biophilia tracker X3 (4D Trosion scanning)